Color samples

If you have doubts about the color of the panels, purchase our sample book with all the color options available.

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In our color sample box you will find five real pieces of wooden sound-absorbing panels , carefully cut into small dimensions.

Each piece represents a different and fascinating colorway, giving you a variety of choices to explore.

If you are undecided about which color to choose for your decorative wooden sound-absorbing panels, our box containing it will be an indispensable resource for exploring the various possibilities and finding the perfect shade for your environment.

Buy the Box now and you will be able to evaluate how each color integrates with your space and make the best decision.

However, if you already have a clear idea of ​​the desired color, you can go directly to purchasing the panels

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Safe Shipping

We care about the safety of our products as much as your satisfaction. For this reason, our panels are shipped in special breakage-proof packaging.

Each panel is carefully wrapped in a wooden case designed to protect it from any shock or damage during travel. This means that, no matter how long or bumpy the journey, your panels will arrive at your home exactly as we imagined them: perfect.

Scheduled shipments

With our Flex Delivery Service, after you have completed the purchase you will receive an email that will let you schedule the desired delivery day, so you can manage the assembly of the panels in the best possible way.

Tracked shipments

We entrust our sound-absorbing panels only to the best couriers to ensure that they reach our customers in perfect condition.

Each shipment is tracked, allowing you to follow the path of your package from the moment it leaves our warehouse until it arrives at your door.

Simply enter the tracking number provided with the order confirmation on the courier's website to know the location of your package in real time.


Panel 240 cm 240 Height x 60 Width x 2.1 Thickness
Panel 275 cm 275 Height x 60 Width x 2.1 Thickness
300 cm panel 300 Height x 60 Width x 2.1 Thickness


They consist of 0.35”/0.90cm recycled PET (felt).

Sound-absorbing polyester fabric on which 1.02"/2.6cm x 0.47"/1.19cm recycled MDF strips are mounted, covered in wood. The strips are placed 0.55”/1.40cm apart.

Each panel is individually packaged and is cut in such a way as to be stackable and measures 94.48”/240cm x 23.62”/60cm x 0.86”/2.1cm in total

Color samples

Vendor: Esseci Acoustic Panels

Color samples

€34,99 €24,99

Vendor: Esseci Acoustic Panels

Color samples

€34,99 €24,99